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Do you also think Austin is only about UT, Longhorns, and state government? Some of those who haven’t been to Austin might think so. But you know what… there are a bunch of fun things to do in Austin Texas!

With an active music scene and big events like Austin City Limits and Rodeo Austin, Austin is one of the most popular cities in Texas, if not the most popular!

We live just a few miles outside Austin, I’m happy to say. With kids always looking for something fun to do, we’ve spent a lot of time at Austin’s attractions!

When you’re on vacation in Austin, you’ll probably be looking for fun things to do in Austin. After-all, that’s what vacations are all about…

Here are 20 fun things to do in Austin

Family Activities In Austin Texas

I’ll start with our favorite family-oriented things to do in Austin Texas…

Zilker Park

Things to do in Austin Texas: Ride the Zilker Park Train

Train at Zilker Park

Zilker Park is a very cool place to visit. It is a large park next to Lady Bird Lake (formerly known as Town Lake).

It has many fun activities for families, including the Barton Springs Pool that I talk about below, the Zilker Park train ride, a playground for the little ones, and canoe rentals.

The Zilker Botanical Gardens are worth a visit too, and it’s free. Zilker Park is also the location of the famous Austin City Limits music festival.

When we go to Zilker Park, we spend the whole day there!

Barton Springs

Things to do in Austin Texas: Swim in Barton Springs

Barton Springs Pool

Barton Springs are natural underground springs that feed the Barton Springs Pool, one of Austin’s famous attractions.

In my mind, Barton Springs counts as one of the “cool” things to do in Austin Texas, but the 68°F water doesn’t seem to bother my kids at all.

It is located right by Zilker Park and there is plenty of parking.

Austin Bats

Things to do in Austin Texas: See the Bats

Bats at Congress Ave Bridge

The bats under the Congress Ave bridge is another of Austin’s well-known attractions.

From late March to early November, the bats emerge from under the bridge at sunset to go bug-hunting along Lady Bird Lake.

The best month to see the bats is August when more than 1 million bats emerge. Apparently they eat more than 20,000 pounds of bugs per night!

We went to see the bats on our first day ever in Austin and made our first Texan friends there.

The Austin bats are a spectacle to see! Go to the south side of the bridge to see them and be there at least 30 minutes before sunset.

One of our visitors submitted this great alternative way to to go see the bats!

Volente Beach

Things to do in Austin Texas: Visit Volente Beach

Water slide at Volente Beach

Volente Beach is the first water park to be built in Austin. It is situated next to Lake Travis and it has several fun water slides, a “little kids” area, and a sandy beach!

Volente Beach also hosts birthday parties.

We have been there several times, and we just love it!

Hawaiian Falls

hawaiian falls pflugerville

Hawaiian Falls Pflugerville

Hawaiian Falls in Pflugerville is a fairly new water park and adventure park just a little north of Austin.

They have multiple water rides, like tube rides, a lazy river, a wave pool, and more to keep families cool in summer.

Their adventure park also has several ropes and climbing activities that kids and parents can enjoy, including a zip line that stretches across the park.

Read more about Hawaiian Falls Pflugerville.

Austin Zoo

Things to do in Texas: Visit the Austin Zoo

Lion at the Austin Zoo

The Austin Zoo is a very special zoo because it is a “rescue zoo” that provides a home to animals that have been neglected.

They have about 100 species of animals that include lions, tigers, jaguars, monkeys, reptiles, and some domestic animals like goats and pigs.

You can buy food at the zoo for $1 and feed the goats. This is always a hit with the kids!

Bob Bullock Museum

Things to do in Austin Texas: Visit the Bob Bullock Museum

The Bob Bullock Museum

The Bob Bullock museum tells the story of Texas with three floors of excellent exhibits.

The first floor exhibits show what Texas was like before it became Texas, how Native Americans lived, and the arrival of Europeans. The second-floor exhibits show how Texas became a state, as well as its role in the Civil War. The third-floor exhibits focus on economic development in Texas, including the oil industry.

Austin’s only IMAX theater is also inside the museum. We’ve been there several times.

Texas State Capitol

Things to do in Austin Texas: Visit the Texas State Capitol

Texas State Capitol

The Texas State Capitol was the first Austin attraction we ever visited. It is a magnificent granite building surrounded by beautiful, well-maintained lawns.

Outside are several monuments honoring a variety of people, including those who fought at The Alamo, firefighters, Confederate soldiers, and more.

As you enter the building, there is a painting of the famous Davey Crockett on the right. Inside you can go into the Texas House Chamber and the Senate Chamber.

If you’d like to get a glimpse into Texas history, visit the State Capitol!

Austin Children’s Museum

Things to do in Austin Texas: Visit the Austin Children's Museum

Austin Children’s Museum

If you have kids, the Austin Children’s Museum is a must-visit. Their mission is all about entertaining kids in a way that also educates.

Their exhibits are interactive, i.e. the kids get to play with the exhibits instead of merely watching.

Kids usually have a great time there!

Hamilton Pool

Things to do in Austin Texas: Go swim at Hamilton Pool

Magical Hamilton Pool

Hamilton Pool is a fantastic swimming hole with its own waterfall!

It is much more than just a swimming hole. The rock formations and the setting are simply stunning.

It’s also a great place for hiking or a picnic.

Even though Hamilton Pool is about 30 miles west of Austin, I think it is well worth the drive.

See more about the wonders of Hamilton Pool!

Westcave Preserve

Waterfall at Westcave Preserve

Waterfall at Westcave Preserve

If you’re going to be at Hamilton Pool, you might also want to visit Westcave Preserve, which is right next door.

The Texas Hill Country is beautiful, and the Westcave Preserve area is no exception. Here you can explore a beautiful canyon, a cave, and a dazzling waterfall.

Westcave Preserve has guided tours on weekends, and self-guided tours on most weekdays and on the weekend. They also host field trips for schools and private groups.

Find out more about Westcave Preserve!

Pioneer Farms

Things to do in Austin Texas: Visit Pioneer Farms

Wagon & Horses at Pioneer Farms

Just a few miles to the northeast of Austin, but south of Pflugerville, is Pioneer Farms, which is a working museum-farm that shows what farm life was like in the 1800s.

This makes it a unique museum, and it is a very interesting place to visit for both grown-ups and kids.

I know that local schools often have field trips to Pioneer Farms.

Inner Space Caverns

Things to do in Austin Texas: Visit Inner Space Caverns

Pool at Inner Space Caverns

Have you ever been in a cave? I have been several times and it can be quite spectacular to experience.

About 20 miles north of Austin, near Georgetown, is Inner Space Caverns. The caves are more than 10,000 years old but were only discovered in 1963. There are some amazing formations to see!

Inner Space is well worth a visit!


Things to do in Austin Texas: Go Ziplining

Preparing to Zip!

If you’re looking for more adventurous things to do in Austin, you may want to look into ziplining! Absolutely awesome!

You’re strapped into a harnass, which is then attached to a cable that spans between two trees, and off you go. In a sense, you become a bird… you’ll be flying through the trees!

Cypress Valley Canopy Tours in Spicewood offers these fun adventures. They are a few miles west of Austin on Hwy 71.

Another great place for ziplining in Austin is Lake Travis Zipline Adventures, located in Volente.

Duck Tours

Things to do in Austin: Duck Tours

Duck Tours Amphibian Bus

How about an amphibious experience? The kids absolutely love that! Actually, grown-ups too!

Austin Duck Adventures gives tours of downtown Austin and Lady Bird Lake in special amphibious vehicles. That means they drive around Austin streets and plunge right into Lady Bird Lake!

These tours are truly something different that you don’t get to do every day. It’s probably a good idea to call them to make reservations. (The number is on our Austin map.)

Tour Austin on a Segway

Things to do in Austin Texas: Take a Segway tour

On a Segway at the Capitol

Speaking of something different, have you ever seen a Segway or been on one?

Well, some tour operators have figured out that a Segway tour of a city will be a great idea. Austin is no exception! You can take various different Segway tours around downtown Austin. Gliding Revolution offers Austin Segway tours and is a great way to go.

I must admit that I have not taken a Segway tour before, but several of my friends have taken them. They all say it’s a blast! Here is one of our visitors’ account of their Austin Segway tour.

Lake Travis

Austin Attractions: Lake Travis

Lake Travis – when it is full 🙂

We live next to the largest lake in the area, which is Lake Travis.

There are good choices for boat rentals, pontoon rentals, and jet ski rentals. Boating is certainly one of the most fun things to do in Austin Texas. We have also done a fair amount of fishing on Lake Travis.

The only not-so-nice thing about Lake Travis is that it is a variable-level lake, which means that water levels can get low enough at times that boat ramps close.

Generally though, Lake Travis is a blast in the summer!

Other Fun Things To Do In Austin

Sometimes it’s fun to go out without the kids. Here are the fun things to do in Austin Texas that my wife and I like a lot…

6th Street

Things to do in Austin Texas: Visit 6th Street

6th Street in Downtown Austin

6th Street in downtown Austin is another of the well-known Austin attractions!

It has various music bars and clubs and is the reason why Austin is known as the “Live Music Capital of the World”.

If you like live music and want to experience what makes Austin special in the world of music, you have to experience 6th Street!

If you want to stay in downtown Austin, close to attractions like 6th Street and the Bats, consider the Hampton Inn & Suites Austin Downtown.

Night Clubs

Austin has several night clubs. My favorite is Dallas Night Club on Burnet Rd. They have Country & Western dancing, live music, and many other fun things.

Alamo Drafthouse

Things to do in Austin Texas: Go to the movies at Alamo DrafthouseThe Alamo Drafthouse in Austin is a very cool movie concept. It’s a movie-restaurant combo where you eat a meal while watching a movie. If you haven’t been to one yet, make a point of going!

You can take your kids to Alamo Drafthouse, but to me it’s just a great evening out for mom & dad.

These are our favorite fun things to do in Austin Texas.  Anyone can have a great time in Austin, and I’m sure you will too. It truly is a great place!

PS. If you’re going to be in Austin, you will also be near to New Braunfels and San Antonio. If you want to know where any of these things to do in Austin Texas are located, see our Austin map.

PPS. Also, see our pages on Austin hotels and restaurants  :-)

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Bike Austin Charity Ride Calendar

Charity Ride Calendar

This is a list of Central Texas Charity Rides.  It is meant to provide an overview of area charity rides that occur annually. If you would like to list your charity ride on our Charity Rides Page or to submit changes or updates, contact us here.

Hit the link to the ride in which you are interested for exact dates and additional information.


Rosedale Ride- Austin, TX- http://rosedaleproud.org


Texas Autism Bike Ride and Fun Run- Georgetown, TX- https://autismbikeride.greatfeats.com


Fayetteville Good Old Summertime Classic – Fayetteville, TX – Fayetteville Good Old Summertime Classic

Spindletop Spin – Beaumont, TX – www.spindletopspin.com

Texas 4000 ATLAS Ride – Cedar Park, TX – www.texas4000.org/atlas/about


David’s Ride – McQueeney, TX – www.davidsride.com

Katy Flatland – Katy, TX – www.northwestcyclingclub.com/index.php/rides-and-events/club-rides/katy


Hamilton Chamber of Commerce 10th Annual Hillaceous Bike Tour – Hamilton, TX –www.hillaceous.com

Hotter ‘n Hell Hundred – Wichita Falls, TX – www.hh100.org

Cove House Classic – Copperas Cove, TX – covehouse.org/cove-house-events/2013-cove-house-classic-bike-tour/


1400 Miles – Austin, TX – www.1400miles.com

The Texas Time Trials – www.tt24tt.com

Freescale Central Texas Tour de Cure  – www.diabetes.org/ctxtour

  • Bike Austin Tour de Cure Team – Search for Bike Austin under “Team”

Fort Davis CycleFest Tour – Fort Davis, TX – peytonsbikes.com/?case=fortdavis

Skittles Waco Wild West – Waco, TX – www.wacowildwest100.com

Conquer the Coast – Corpus Christi, TX – www.conquerthecoast.org

Rip Roarin’ Ride – Liberty Hill, TX – www.lhlions.org/riproarinride/

La Vernia Wild West Hammerfest – La Vernia  , TX – www.laverniawildwesthammerfest.org

Mamma Jamma – Martindale, TX – www.mammajammaride.org


Armadillo Hill Country Classic – Liberty Hill, TX – www.armadilloclassic.net

Bike MS: Valero  Alamo Ride to the River – San Antonio/New Braunfels/Back –www.bikeMStexas.org

College Station Rotary Ride – www.rotaryridebcs.com

Mission’s Tour de Goliad – Goliad, TX – www.goliadcc.org

Team LIVESTRONG Challenge – Austin, TX – www.livestrong.org/austin/

Outlaw Trails 100 – Round Rock, TX – www.roundrocktexas.gov/home/index.asp?page=635

Pinewoods Purgatory – Lufkin, TX – www.pineywoodspurgatory.com

River Region Classic – Garner State Park, TX – www.facebook.com/pages/River-Region-Classic-Dragons-Back-Century/122171154462371

Sweatin’ Burnt Orange Bike Tour – Blanco, TX – www.utexascycling.org

Wheels for Meals – Jeff Davis County (Ft Davis, TX) – www.foodpantry-jdc.org/Our_Events.html


Tour de Gruene – Gruene, TX – www.tourdegruene.com

TCSO Road Share 2015 Benefiting the Special Olympics – Click HERE!

Wurst Ride in Texas – Austin, TX – www.wurstride.com

Fredericksburg Fall Foliage Frolic – Fredericksburg, TX –www.hcbtc.com/blog/fredericksburg-fall-foliage-frolic/

Tour Das Hugel – Austin, TX – www.facebook.com/tourdashugel


Mission to Mission Wheels for Meals – San Antonio, TX – www.m2msa.com

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Austin cupcake shop one of world’s best, according to Buzzfeed

The Buzzfeed Community recently set about naming the 25 best cupcake shops in the world.

The final list include places all over the world, from Switzerland’s Cuppin’s to South Africa’s Charly’s Bakery.

How the Buzzfeed Community was

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Austin restaurants: Where I’d eat my final meal in Austin

Reader Jamil Bata asked which restaurant would be my last stop before moving away from Austin. Good question. Tough question. It brings up others: Do you eat somewhere you can only eat in Austin? Do

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How much food does that exercise earn you? You might be surprised

By Kathryn Doyle

(Reuters Health) – In a small new study, volunteers who were shown chocolate and sports drinks after an exercise workout could not correctly guess how much would be an equal ‘reward’ for the calories they had just burned.

Surprisingly, they chose amounts that were much too small – either underestimating how many calories they had burned or overestimating how many were in the foods.

“We believed adults and children would not be good at estimating the calorie values of foods and drinks nor the calorie expenditure of exercise. But we originally (thought) they would overestimate,” said senior author Craig Williams of Children’s Health and Exercise Research Center at St. Lukes Campus of the University of Exeter in the UK, in email to Reuters Health.

The researchers selected 50 adults and 49 adolescents who exercised regularly at sports clubs for rugby, netball, swimming, hockey and badminton in the UK After one hour of sports practice, they estimated how many calories participants had burned based on an existing activity guide.

Then the researchers asked exercisers how much food or drink would compensate for the calories they thought they had burned. Participants were shown 30 individual squares of chocolate on a board, and bottles of sports drink filled to half a bottle, one bottle and four bottles, as visual cues.

On average, the exercisers chose less than half as much of both the chocolate or the sports drink than would actually have compensated for their calories burned, according to a report in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

The exercisers underestimated by about 500 calories, the researchers found. Rugby players, for example, burned an estimated 700 calories over one hour, but by their own estimation, they could only have consumed about 330 calories of chocolate and 140 calories of sports drink to compensate.

“Potentially this might be seen as encouraging, but as we pointed out in the paper, we have qualitative evidence that their intentions would have been to actually eat more when the training had finished, even though they were reporting by underestimating,” Williams said.

Many participants remarked that they would have rewarded themselves with more food or drink than they had estimated would compensate, he said.

They would likely have been equally poor at estimating for other food items, like pizza, he said.

It is possible that the participants anticipated what the researchers wanted to hear, and changed their answers accordingly, Williams noted.

Also, in the study, the exercisers did not have access to the nutritional information for the chocolate or sports drink, but in reality that information would likely be available.

“Of course much of this information is already available on the food labeling or in restaurants where they are providing the information, but aspects of basic nutritional education I think do need to be improved to allow us to make better informed choices and then how this fits into our daily, weekly, monthly schedules,” Williams said.

It is not clear whether these subjects were underestimating how many calories they burned or overestimating the calories in the foods, he said.

“It is not imperative and we should not become too fixated with trying to be as precise as possible, e.g., to the exact 1 kcal (this would be impossible), but to be able to make better overall estimations,” he said.

SOURCE: http://bit.ly/1gF9bmb European Journal of Clinical Nutrition, online July 1, 2015.

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Now open: Saffron Austin in Northwest Hills

Saffron Austin opened at 3616 Far West Blvd. Although it is in the space previously occupied by Indian Palace, the new restaurant is under different ownership. Saffron Austin bills itself as Asian Fusion, serving

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Restaurant review: Counter 357

The sunglow yellow cucumber flower that brightened a plate of sumptuous country pâté came from chef Lawrence Kocurek’s garden. The pickled and sliced quail eggs, magenta on the outside with jonquil yellow yolks, paid homage

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Help us find Austin’s favorite guacamole

In the wake of guac-gate, in which Texans went into an uproar over a New York Times recipe that called for peas, we have decided to make it our mission to find readers’ favorite

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New hours: Licha’s Cantina serving Sunday brunch

East Austin Mexican restaurant Licha’s Cantina has added Sunday brunch to its offerings. The restaurant serves a brunch menu that includes chilaquiles, molletes, pastel Azteca, pozole, and more. Brunch cocktails include breakfast margarita and

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Organic Food and Locally Grown Food: Are They the Same?

Organic Food and Locally Grown Food: Are They the Same?

In the U.K., customers are gobbling up organic food by the bushel. In fact, according to the Organic Centre Wales, “Direct sales of organic food through box plans, farmers’ markets and farm stores grew by more than a third to L144 million throughout 2004.” And those numbers have actually continued to increasing as customers become significantly worried about the long-term impacts of the chemical fertilizers and pesticides used on crops grown by non-organic farms. While many people agree that natural food is more suitable over non-organic, a dispute has actually begun about the source of natural foods. For example, is imported organic food as desirable as UK organic food?

Making the Case for Local Organic Food

Those on one side of the debate insist it doesn’t matter where natural food is grown; rather, the essential factor is that the food encounters strict requirements to guarantee that it is genuinely natural. Those on the other side of the debate are similarly vehement that in your area grown organic food is more suitable to imported organic food, both due to the fact that the fossil fuels made use of to carry imported organic food enhance global warming and since UK natural food supports local farmers.

Some people, naturally, take the middle ground, and opt to choose their foods from an organic farm store when exactly what they desire is in period and buy imported natural food the remainder of the year.

Those who prefer importing natural food mention that a natural farm shop will only have seasonal foods, which badly restrict the choices consumers have when preparing meals. Imported organic food, they say, retains its remarkable nutritional quality while delivering a bountiful variety of fruits and vegetables.

Supporters say that you can find UK natural food at an organic farm shop, or even arrange for natural food shipment right to your door. You can even find natural fish, such as natural trout from an organic fish farm. There, the organic trout might reside in 400-year-old spring water and eat natural shrimp that originates from organic watercress beds.

The bottom Line

People might differ in their opinions about whether or not to restrict one’s usage of organic food to that grown in your area, however essentially everyone concurs that organic fruits, organic vegetables, organic fish, and natural meats are more suitable to those that are grown with chemical fertilizers, insecticides, and fungicides.

Currently, non-organic growers are authorized to make use of over 1,000 chemicals on crops. This equates into everything from soil erosion due to over-farming to dangerous poisonous overflow into our drinking water. Growing food naturally is a method to reverse this trend. With over 700,000 hectares committed to UK natural food, farmers are aiming to meet consumer need. Still, some markets import nearly half of the organic food they sell. When it comes to who will certainly win the debate over in your area grown natural food vs. imported organic food, only time will certainly tell.

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