Remodeling for Those Dealing With a Disability: Handicaps are Less Limiting Due to Talking Thermostats and Fixtures

Independent Living Aids, LLC offers two thermostats for the blind and visual-impaired. The most impressive is the Kelvin Talking Thermostat. After the advent of the Clap On, Clap Off light switch, it was bound to happen.

This temperature controller is programmable and voice-interactive. Once programmed, it will respond to voice commands. Pushing the control buttons causes it to talk to the user. It also incorporates tactile arrows to lower or raise the temperature. Downside? It doesn’t work with heat pumps.

The other product is the Easy To See Thermostat. This one resembles typical round-shaped models except that it features raised numbers and it makes a clicking noise when the dial is turned.

Handicap Bathroom Fixtures

Grab bars and handrails are the first bathroom fixtures that come to mind. These are essential for the personal safety of mobility-impaired individuals getting in and out of the bath and sitting on or raising up from the toilet. These are easy to install during a bathroom remodeling project by installing wood backing between the wall studs

There are sinks on the market that are engineered to be 27” to 30” off the floor to allow individuals in wheelchairs to get as close as possible. Some are up to 40” tall for people who have trouble bending.

Special roll-in showers and walk-in bathtubs are commonly available for people with mobility challenges. A remodeling contractor or licensed plumber can install one in quick order.

Kitchen Design for the Disabled

The kitchen is a prime area for outfitting for the handicapped. Countertops have the same issue as sinks. They should be height-adjusted and allow sufficient overhang for wheelchair users.

Another thing that should be done is to mount fog-free mirrors over work surfaces and the stove to allow viewing without having to push up out of the chair.

Wheelchair Lifts and Ramps

Ramps are usually custom-built on site because the existing situations are so diverse.


Wheelchair lifts, on the other hand, are commercially available for many purposes.

Porch lifts are essentially exterior elevators and are a perfect solution for homes on stilts.

Stair lifts are another example. Basically, this is a chair that rides up and down a staircase on a rail.

Got a swimming pool? No need to give up a little pool soaking. Pool and spa lifts are designed to move someone in and out of the water.

The bottom line is that being handicapped or disabled is easier to cope with than ever before with constantly evolving products arriving on the market all the time.

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