Top 4 Kitchen Cabinets Trends to Watch for in 2017

Normally, cabinets take up a significant area of your kitchen. If these cabinets are too old and outdated, they can be an instant eyesore and can influence the décor of the entire kitchen. In some instances, they may be the convenient storage your family requires in your kitchen. Just look around in your kitchen. Do you see some old and ugly cabinets? If yes, then these kitchen cabinet trends in 2017 can help you to upgrade your kitchen.

  1. White kitchen cabinets

    kitchen cabinets

Don’t you think the sparkling and sleek appearance is hot for your kitchen? Having white kitchen cabinets is a great way of achieving this look. You can opt for any size depending on the size of your kitchen and your storage needs. White cabinets will reflect the light around the room and make very attractive.  Besides, having white kitchen cabinets is a great way of making your kitchen seems bigger especially if it’s usually small.

  1. Metallic kitchen cabinets

    metallic kitchen cabinets

We are all aware that the mid-century look has secretly creeping back. Don’t be surprised that this trend is making its way into our kitchens with the metallic cabinets. These cabinets come in varieties including steel and other metals. One thing I like about these cabinets is that they are easy to maintain and clean. You will not reface the cabinets and can be installed easily. If you want a stress-free kitchen upgrade, you may need to consider the metallic cabinets.

  1. Gray Kitchen Cabinets

    gray kitchen cabinets

Gray is 2017’s hot neutral. Almost every shade rhymes with this trend. Experts recommend a lighter shade of gray to make the space brighter just the way white cabinets do. Opt for a darker gray if you wish to create a warm and dramatic environment in your kitchen. Note that gray cabinets work well with almost every color.

  1. Glass cabinet doors

    glass kitchen doors

Most homes have open shelving. Though they look great, you may wonder how you will keep your expensive utensils and other valuables that you place in these cabinets safe, clean and free from damage. A clear glass window seems to be the perfect solution to that issue. If you want a sleek and modern appearance in your kitchen, opt for the frosted glass. It will create openness in your kitchen without exposing your plates and glasses to dust and other dirt.

Let 2017 be the year that you will upgrade your kitchen to something better.


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